Current Season

It’s official! RLT is delighted to announce its 2024-25 season. Due to construction at our usual home, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, our final two shows of the season will be performed at the Bender JCC.

Veronica’s Room

September 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29

By Ira Levin
Directed by David Dieudonné

This chilling mystery thriller by the author of Rosemary’s Baby explores the thin line between fantasy and reality, madness and murder. Students Susan and Larry find themselves as guests enticed to the Brabissant mansion by its dissolute caretakers, the lonely Mackeys. Struck by Susan’s strong resemblance to Veronica Brabissant, the long-dead daughter of the family for whom they work, the older couple gradually induce her to impersonate Veronica briefly to solace the only living Brabissant, her addled sister who believes Veronica remains alive. Dressed in Veronica’s clothes, Susan finds herself locked in the role and locked in Veronica’s room. Or is she Veronica, in 1935, pretending to be an imaginary Susan?.

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January 31
February 2, 3, 7, 8, 9
At the Bender JCC

By Diane Samuels
Directed by Karen Fleming

A modern classic about one woman’s struggle to come to terms with her past – brutally separated from her German Jewish parents at the age of 9 and brought to England with the promise of a new life. This play examines the life, during World War II and afterwards, of a Kindertransport child. Though fictitious, it is based upon many real Kindertransport stories.

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The Foreigner

April 25, 26, 27
May 2, 3, 4
At the Bender JCC

By Larry Shue
Directed by Kathryn Stirling

Hilarious hospitality awaits The Foreigner in Larry’s Shue’s classic stranger comedy! When the guests of the Meeks’ Georgia fishing lodge assume their new guest doesn’t understand them, he overhears everything from the hilarious to the nefarious!

CONTENT ADVISORY – The Foreigner contains prominent displays of racism and depicts racist language and actions that, while integral to the story, are disturbing.

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