Lifetime Members

Those special people who placed a distinctive stamp on RLT over a long period of time.

Les and Opal Abbe who became part of RLT in 1948 as two of its original members and were active participants both on and off stage.

John Moser began to work with RLT in 1960 and wore every conceivable hat in more than 100 productions. He remained a key influence for the rest of his life.

Nancy Nilsson joined in 1967 and was part of more than 50 shows.

Hal and Maggie Osgood became part of RLT in 1986 and were active in more than 60 productions.

Jeanne Piccolino began in 1962 and was part of more than 150 shows.

Patsy Smart joined in 1962 and was ubiquitous for years.

Diane Pick first joined RLT in 1990 and while she filled almost every role, her most frequent contribution was as stage manager.

Elaine Hoover served many years as a board member and producer.

Dave and Fran Levin have been involved with RLT since 1997 serving in every possible way.

For fifteen years, Eric Henry was a pillar for the company on and off the stage.