The Grapes Of Wrath

By Frank Galati
from the novel by John Steinbeck

January 26, 27, 28*, February 2, 3, 4*

This quintessential American story of hope and survival follows the Joad family’s epic journey from the dust bowl of Oklahoma to the promised land of California. A soaring affirmation of the human spirit, The Grapes of Wrath provides the perfect canvas for an examination of a nation in search of itself.

Fridays & Saturdays – 8 PM, *Sundays – 2 PM

Production Crew

DirectorJohn Bartkowiak
DirectorPauline Griller-Mitchell
ProducerNancy Carlin
Stage Manager Aaron Skolnik
Assistant Stage Manager Tracie Witte
Assistant Stage Manager Cameron Williamson
Sound DesignerSarah Katz
Lighting DesignerKali Munro
Lighting AssistantWilliam Lebby
Projections/Lighting SupportStephen Deming
Costume DesignerHillary Glass
Costume AssistantSaffa Eng
Set Dressing & Props Harlene Leahy
Set Designer/Master CarpenterSteve Leshin
Master Painter Kathie Rogers
Fight Choreographer Erin Klarner
Intimacy Coach Christine V. Hurst
Photographer Randy Barth