The Grapes Of Wrath

By Frank Galati
from the novel by John Steinbeck

January 26, 27, 28*, February 2, 3, 4*

This quintessential American story of hope and survival follows the Joad family’s epic journey from the dust bowl of Oklahoma to the promised land of California. A soaring affirmation of the human spirit, The Grapes of Wrath provides the perfect canvas for an examination of a nation in search of itself.

Fridays & Saturdays – 8 PM, *Sundays – 2 PM


TomDoug Richesson
CasyBrian Binney
MaKaren Fleming
PaPete Meyers
GranmaLaurie Freed
GrampaTom Schiller
Uncle JohnDave Gross
AlJonathan Kilgore
Noah, Hooper Ranch ManDonta Hensley
RoseMorgan Fuller
Swing / Rose UnderstudyAndie Allison
Connie Rivers, Boxcar Camp ManDaniel Dausman
RuthieMorgan Slattery
Winfield/BoyLyn Davenport
Man Going Back, Weedpatch Camp Director, Camp GuardSam Kuhr
Elizabeth SandryKat Binney
Al’s Girl, Aggie Wainwright, Floyd’s WifeSandhya Kidd
Owner, 2nd Agricultural Officer, Woman Who Gets Shot, Mrs. WainwrightTeresa Gillcrist
Muley, Proprietor, Floyd, Man in CrowdBob Schwartz
Willy, Young Man, Mayor of Hooverville,
Hooper Ranch Guard
Bill Brekke
Attendant, 1st Agricultural Officer, Officer in Hooverville, First Man with ClubJoseph Battley
Deputy Sheriff, Second Man with ClubMichael Barnhart
Second Narrator, Starving Man & Swing / Al’s Girl, Aggie Wainwright, Floyd’s WifeAnnmarie Carmody
Voiceover ActorJimmy Castro

Production Crew

DirectorJohn Bartkowiak
DirectorPauline Griller-Mitchell
ProducerNancy Carlin
Stage Manager Aaron Skolnik
Assistant Stage Manager Tracie Witte
Assistant Stage Manager Cameron Williamson
Sound DesignerSarah Katz
Lighting DesignerAndrew Harasty
Lighting AssistantWilliam Lebby
Projections/Lighting SupportStephen Deming
Costume DesignerHillary Glass
Costume AssistantSaffa Eng
Set Dressing & Props Harlene Leahy
Set Designer/Master CarpenterSteve Leshin
Master Painter Kathie Rogers
Fight Choreographer Erin Klarner
Intimacy Coach Christine V. Hurst
Photographer Randy Barth